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July 29, 2011
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Mariya Gold by Zedul Mariya Gold by Zedul
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Tallon-1 Apr 10, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
O///////U///////O wow
Higher resolution required for full appreciation of her gluteus amazimus!
Must, control, blood, pppressure.
Hidden by Owner
fantastic behind-royal
In one comment, you speak of dignity and about a healthy outlook on sexuality...

I agree on those counts. Still, it's walking a fine line isn't it?

Because the question is, where does it end? Most of the time, female models will go one step further...and then yet another step.

Agreed: these are beautiful ladies and your photo's look great.

I love sex and sexuality and like to see sexy pictures...

But I wouldn't want to see my daughter on the internet like this, where everyone would be talking about how great her butt looks.

Kind of conflicting isn't it?

Why would I care about my daughter (if I had one), but not care about anyone else's?

Still, I like to see stuff like this...

Conflicting indeed.
Zedul Sep 15, 2013  Professional Photographer
If I had a daughter, I'd worry less about the pictures on the internet and more about the relationships she was having.   You would not believe what I saw in the industry back when I was doing "fashion" stuff for agencies.  Not a single one of my "nude" models has ever been as messed up and whored out like the fashion models I met.  So you see, it's not about the body -- it's about the spirit.

The model in this picture was someone's wife -- and my number one mantra is, that every model who walks through my door is someone's wife, daughter, mother, or sister - and I treat them accordingly.  Most of the drama in this industry is not in the art, it lies elsewhere.  And the trouble is not with the flesh, it's with the head and heart.
What a great comment Zedul. The pictures you take are fantastic, and if you truly are as respectful as you say you are, then the world needs more like you. The ones who see sensuality and beauty, and want to capture it, not take advantage of it. 
xSilentRebelx Sep 7, 2013   General Artist
This is a great photo.
Her butt and her covering her boobs makes this photo sexy.
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